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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Truth About Music Piracy by Erik Goff

Music piracy is something often viewed as a non-serious issue, when, in reality, it is a real crime with real consequences.

Monday, December 12, 2016

The American Education System--Cause for Rebellion, by Daniel Sebit

This video describes how the United States Education System is failing and how our test scores are compared to that of other countries. Will also go into detail on possible solutions that can be adopted to make our education system better.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Bending the Will of Nature: Genetic Manipulation, by Nicholas Paczkowski

 Of all of the technological changes in the modern world the advances in genetic manipulation are among the most interesting.

The historical accuracy of Battlefield 1, by Tyler Versluys

In this video it talks about the historical accuracies. It shows some examples, along with some in-game footage.

The World is Slowly Drowning.. by Trever Listman

Humans are slowly destroying planet Earth, one piece of plastic at a time.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

South Dakota Buffalo Roundup, by Mathew Wollmann

This short video highlights the South Dakota Buffalo Roundup which takes place every year in Custer State Park in western South Dakota.

The Idea of New Frameworks in Education, by Brianna Veldkamp

These new frameworks for education are able to adapt to each students unique learning abilities by keeping them interested in the content at the same time.

Life of a car enthusiast, by Dylan Tyson

A lot of people are unaware that there is a thing in the world called car culture. This is one of the largest and most diverse groups on the planet with no requirements other than the passion to work on your own car.

Shenanigans in and Online World, by Jared Thayer

You don't always have to do what the creators give you in an online world.

What is coaching, by Christian Small

When it comes to leading a team, who do we listen to?

Organizing Your Life In College By: Lyndsay Pruss

Every student struggles a little with organizing and having time management in college. It can be nice to have a few tips and tricks that can help relieve some stress.

Serial Killer Succession, by Tracy Polzine

 Why a serial killer becomes who they are is a widely asked, narrowly answered, question. Look at the minds of three of the most infamous serial killers America has ever known: Aileen Wuornos, John Wayne Gacy, and Edward Gein.

How important sleep actually is, by Darby Neal

Everyone know sleep is important, but how important can sleep actually be?

Save a Life: Castlewood Presbyterian Church Youth Group By: Kelsey Little

One thing everyone has in common is time. Everyone chooses what they do with their time. Whether you want to eat, sleep, workout, study, etc. Every individual has a say what they do with their time and how they manage it. To give someone your time, may be the greatest gift of all. The reason I say this, is because no one can get their time back, so what you choose to do with your time should be important and you should be at peace with it because once you use your time, it’s gone. With that being said, what will you choose to do with the time you have left? If it is of any interest to you, giving time to people who do not live the same lifestyle as you, may save a life. For example, if you are willing to give up your time to make food, donate items, volunteer, or visit with individuals it may make a huge impact on their lives. Making an impact on the lives of others is a significant way to live a life. The Castlewood First Presbyterian Church youth group is well known to giving their time up for others and helping others. My video shows a few things this organization does to impact the lives of others, and what they are all about.

Melons Not Lemons- By Alexis Kortan

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you melons, you may be dyslexic. Dyslexia can be just switching letters, but it can be more complex than that. "Over 40 million American Adults are dyslexic and only 2 million know it" (Dyslexia).

The Virtualization of Property:by Aaron Henricks

This video discusses the the virtual world of Entropia Universe. Property does not have to be physical. Virtual property is the next big investment opportunity. Within the video, game mechanics, origins, and large virtual property sales are discussed.

How To Make A Comic Book, by Josh Heesch

Comic books are some of the most influential forces in pop culture. But how is one exactly made?

Soaring Through the Air in a Chair, by Mariah Fixen

Parasailing, from experience, is a joy ride through the wind above the ocean. However, some may think the steps to it are quite complicated but when really, it’s a drop of water (instead of a piece of cake).

United States Prisons Compared to Other Countries, by Elijah Colbert

Compared to other countries the United States prison system is very harsh and does not really work. This is mainly focused on the U.S. system compared to the ones in Norway.

Hour of Code, by Stephanie Boersma

Technology has revolutionized the way students learn, specifically through a movement called the Hour of Code. This global movement educates students in the world of coding early, in order to nurture problem solving skills, logic, and a foundation for success in any 21st century career path.

The Tiny Killers, by Alex Babcock

EHD is a disease that is making it's way across South Dakota that kills  thousands of deer every year.

The Importance of Gratitude: Thankfulness as a Skill, by John Townsend

Gratitude is a useful skill that can change the way we live and positively impact others. Using Gratitude as a life transforming lifestyle is discussed.

Neurocardiogenic Syncope, by Kayla Schmell

Are you one in 200,000 living with this rare heart condition?

Pets and Your Mental Health, by Cara Raethz

Many people don't realize that pets can actually be good for their health. This video gives people a small sneak peak at the different benefits that one can get from their pets.

From Business Professional to Lying Criminal: The Fraud Triangle, by Brittney Moore,

Most criminals who commit fraud appear to be normal, honest business professionals, so what drives these seemingly ethical professionals to commit such a dishonest crime? The answer lies within the Fraud Triangle.

A Brief History on the Early Life of Adam Sandler, by Ahston Meester

The Gentle Giant, by Kelsey Lee

Elephants are amazing creatures and are among the most intelligent on Earth. They are able to express empathy, which make them more like humans than one would think.

The Evolution of Mobile Marketing, by Marissa Jongeling,

Mobile marketing has an impact greater than what people think, it is constantly changing and expanding. Great things are in store for the future of mobile marketing.

The Science of Hitting a Major League Fastball, by Jordan Hofer

The game of baseball has only been improving over the years. Players are getting faster, stronger, and more explosive. But hitting a Major League fastball should be impossible, according to science.

The Truth About Music Piracy, by Erik Goff

Music piracy is something often viewed as a non-serious issue, when, in reality, it is a real crime with real consequences. 

Invisible Entertainment, by Landon Frederes,

Even in 2016, radio remains a very popular tool for entertainment and communication. In this video there is all you need to know to get started learning how a radio works.

Should Student Athletes Be Paid?, by Mahcia Davis

Pay College Athletes or no? You decide.

That's Pinteresting,by Alison Bodewitz

What is Pinterest? A lot of people have already signed up for it, but there are still some that have no idea what it is. Here is a short video to help understand what it is and how pinterest could help you find your next project, workout or anything you feel like doing.

History of Lake County Speedway, by Tanner Barnhart,

Lake County Speedway is a now lost tradition for Madison and the many individuals who have lasting memories. This video shares the story of Lake County and its many years of operation.