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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Dawn of E-Sports: Starcraft 2, by Benedict Rasmussen

The video details the emerging scene of e-sports, in relevance to Starcraft 2, gives a brief introduction to the game, and details how it is becoming popular among the gaming populous.

The Scoville Scale, By John Lubke

The Scoville Scale - a method to rate how hot a substance such as peppers are - is explained.

Krzyzewski-ville, by Spence Adams

 Want to be a star on and off the court? Then come to play for coach Krzyzewski and Duke Univeristy!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wii Fitness : Blake Kirschenman

This video shows the basics about wii fitness, as well as how it works. Watch and get a head start on the competition on the basics of wii fitness!

Social Media: In the classroom? by Shane Whidby

A look into the perspectives of social media integration in a classroom setting.

The Benefits of Raw Milk, by Christopher Wetzel

Raw milk is a healthier alternative than regular milk, even lactose intolerant people can drink raw milk from all the great stuff thats in it.

Threats Towards Dolphins, by Jennifer Wepking

Emergence of Electronica, by Ross Steineke

Electronica has become a rich musical genre due to its diverse history, countless subgenres, and its spread in the modern music industry.

A Runner's Community, by Joshua Scott

Madison's best kept secret is in plain view.

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right: Discrimination and Fraud in the Pigford Settlement, by Darin Schroeder

One of the discrimination cases that a government agency was a part of.

English Soldier Story, by Daniel Schneider

Do you know how much video game help our military. See how some of the games you play today, actually help train our soldiers on the field of duty

Live The Life, Story of Michael Jordan, by Chelsey Schake

This video is on the brief history of Michael Jordan and the significant life he lived. He will forever be known as one of the greatest players in the game of basketball.

Life After Football, By Tyler Ramstad,

How the lifestyle of an NFL football player can catch up to with them and the affects it can have.

Madison Area Fishing: More Than What You Think, by Jordy Peterson

Madison has some excellent areas to fish and they are located very close to town. There are 2 lakes located right next to Madison and many opportunities to catch many different kinds of fish.

Distracted Driving, by Casey Petersen

Distracted driving has become very common in today's driving. This video will discuss some of the dangers and statistics of distracted driving.

Chicago Cubs: The Loveable Losers, by Nick Peceniak

A video describing the Chicago Cubs history and their elusive quest to achieve their ultimate goal, a world series victory.

The Wiley Ringneck, by Corey Pasichnyk

The Wiley ringneck aka Pheasant is a bird that deserves far more attention then people give it. Hunting the Wiley one is a great sport for all to take up. I hope this video inspires you to take someone out hunting this exotic bird.

Inspiration or Showboat?, by John Niesen

Are Tim Tebow's public prayers acceptable?

Pandora’s Box: Rooting the Android Smartphone, by Nathaniel Mlady

It has become common today to dismiss security concerns in favor of increased usability, but security concerns are real, and arguably, the most significant factor in determining whether to root an Android smartphone.

Tiger Woods, by Andrew Lee

Parent Participation, by Chelsea Kruse

Are parents actively involved in student education? No? Well then, let’s make it happen!

Wii Fitness, by Blake Kirschenman

This video shows the basics about wii fitness, as well as how it works. Watch and get a head start on the competition on the basics of wii fitness!

The Psychological Effects of a Running Injury, by Paula Kappenman

Injurys effect people in more ways than just the physical.

Singularity, by Zach Kantack

In a world where humankind is dependent on computers, what happens when we're the ones no longer needed?

Dictionary Attacks: Are You Vulnerable?, by Michael Hunhoff

Find out how simple passwords may be putting your private information at risk.

The Flat Tax, by Bryce Haviland

Copyright Infringement, by Molly Hammond

Some tips to avoid copyright infringement on the internet.

The Perserverance of Tim Tebow, by Jarrod Hafner

The Omni-Touch, by Zach Fuerst

Cell phones are getting smaller and smaller these days and as a result can sometimes be hard to use. Here is a look at one solution to that problem.

History of Santa Clause, by Amanda Frieden

Everyone has wondered where Santa Claus had originated and how his holiday Christmas became such a huge tradition all over the world.  The story is a short discription of how the image of Santa originated.

Use of Cell Phones in School, by Teddie Fincher

From texting to 'Tweeting' students in today's schools are using their phones for everything not related to learning. To integrate cell phones, or not, that is the question.

Exercising Equals Knowledge, by Derik Everett

Working out can you you understand more about your body.

Title nine, by Shayna Dwyer

This is a video on Title Nine and how it has impacted out society and education today.

Electronic Health Records, by Mariah Cassutt

 Advancement and progress of technology in health care

Breaking The Barrier, by Ryan Bourcier

Have you ever thought about how the color barrier was broken for Americas pastime? Jackie Robinson was an iconic African American who was responsible for that achievement

What is an Occupational Therapist, By Erin Binder

What is an Occupational Therapist?
A look at what an occupational therapist really does.