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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A.B.A.T.E., by Zach Anderson

A.B.A.T.E., Who They Are and What They Have Done 
How this national organization of motorcyclists has evolved into a supporter of communities across the nation.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Giving It Away, by Colleen Thompson

Giving It Away--A painless guide on how to use what you have to help others.  

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Olds 442, by Chris Heinemann

Wikileaks--A Digital War, by Cody Putzier

Wikileaks: A Digital War.  
The video is about the recent events that unfolded in early December surrounding the attacks made by supporters of Wikileaks.

Concussions--How Serious are They? by Dwight Walker

Excessive Violence in Football, by Tristan Young

Life Changing Experience, by Courtney Francis

How can you make a difference in the world?

Barefoot Runners, by Brittany Young

Piracy: A Visual Guide, by Nathan Stadel

What methods do pirates use to acquire illegal material? How do companies try to fight piracy? How will online software distribution affect piracy?

Ripstik, by Bruce Schulz

Explains how the ripstik works and some fun facts about it.

Diversity in Education, by Cassey Penny

There are many things Prospective teachers are taught in college, but some things cant be taught without actually experiencing them, such as dealing with racial diversity in the classroom

Poinsettia's friend or foe, by Kristin Molitor

Stroke Awareness, by Paula Kappenman

My video essay was about stroke awareness. i lost my grandpa from a stroke a few years back and only a week ago lost and uncle from a stroke as well. i chose this topic becasue its something i feelstrongly about and that more people should be aware of.

History of Computers, by Daniel Jochims

 Every wonder how computers started and what they looked like? watch the video then !!

The Dumping of E-Waste in Africa, by Gallo Fall

Meatballs, by Marie Carpenter

Taste of meatballs

Receiving the Hit, by Cory Nelson

How serious are head injuries in the NFL? When is it safe for a return to normal activity?

Lake Oahe, by Zach Merrill

Glacier National Park: Heaven On Earth, by Matt Mallard

Texas Hold'em--- The greatest game on earth, by Tanner Langbehn

Learn about how much fun you can have from just plaing a card game.

This Is Twins Territory, by Alexis Konrad

 Have you been able to experience the magic of America's greatest pastime? If you haven't visit the home of the Minnesota Twins, Target Field.

Eyes on the Prize, by Keith Huffman

Have you been able to experience wathing the Los Angeles Lakers play basketball over the years? If you haven't, then you need to experience watching them play. They have won plenty of NBA championships, and are pursuing another title run this year.

The Multicultural Center of Sioux Falls, by Ellen Hollmann

The Multicultural Center, what is it? This is a great way to explore what culture is truely around you.

Breast Cancer, by Lynsey Hoines

2012, by Lisa Amundson

Composition, by Rachel Ziegler

Photography and Composition.

Texting, by Paul Conklin

Texting--How cell phones have ruined parts of society, destroyed families and others around you...

Jewel Cave, by Eric Chase

Jewel Cave--Buried Treasure. 

Eastern Religion, by Zachary Bradford

Eastern Religion--Many people know about Buddhism, but how much do they know? How about Shintoism? Listen and watch to learn more.

Teamwork, by Jessica Anderson

Teamwork, by Jessica Anderson.  How two companies came together to produce the Xbox.

Diabetes and You, by Ryan Peter

Diabetes and You. Diabetes is a serious health problem. Learn what exactly it is and how it can affect you. Learn also ways to prevent diabetes and the complications that can come with it.

A Call to Arms, By Paul Schipper

A Call to Arms:  This presentation is about the problem and dangers of the cyclic consumption of homogeneous music.

Welcome to the Final Versions

Later today you'll begin to see the videos that students have made as a final project for their Composition II class at DSU.  We welcome your comments!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Multimedia Projects

This is the space where my composition classes will be posting their multimedia essays.