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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Spielberg's Raptor Invasion, By Tyler Klarenbeek

The Velociraptors seen in Jurassic Park are world famous, despite the fact that they are highly innacurate.  How did this version become so popular while the real version stayed in the shadows?

Are You Leaving Your Wireless Front Door Open? By Tyler Flaagan

An insight into how your wireless home network can be exploited and a few things you should do to protect it.

The Man Made Brain By Tyler Cass

A breif video about the new Cognitive Computing Project IBM has been working on.

The Legend of the Monkey Man, By Tyler Bouma

Many believe that the sasquatch is little more than a folk legend told to children to keep them from running off. However, is there more to the legend than what meets the eye?

How to Manage the Stress of Finals Week, By: Taylor Lynde

With finals week here, everyone is full of anxiety, stress, worry, and eventually relief once they are over. However, this video gives a few examples of how to help relieve some of the stress and axiety that studying causes us.

Wii, Fun or Destruction, By Ryan Johnson

I let you know how nintendo's Wii destructive forces but amazing features can help you weigh the consequences of buying a wii

James Harden, the Rising Star, By Tanner DeKam

A short bit of James Harden life and the path he took to become the leader of the Houston Rockets

Ways to Kill a Snowman, By Roisin O'Neill

Building a snowman can be fun, destroying them is more fun.

Passwords, by Richard Friesen

The New Face of Video Games By Morgan Schnell

Come take a look at the new big thing in the video game industry! See where casual games came from, why and with who they are so popular with right now. And where I feel the games industry will be going in accordance to this.

How to Make Orange Chicken in the CrockPot. By Markie Hanisch

Not enough time in the day to make a meal? Try this CrockPot recipe to kick time in the teeth!

Earvin "Magic" Johnson, By Kevin Danielsen

Environmental Laws: Helpful or Hurtful? By Keegan Graves

 Would we have more money in our pockets without so many environmental restrictions?

I Can't Hear You, By Josef Walth

This is a short video, here to help everyone understand how loud things really are. 

Dealing with the Debt, By Jeff Amert

Why America needs to deal with it's national debt, and what citizens can do to help with the problem.

The Car of the Future, By Jason Dahl

A look at the Tesla Model S and why it is important.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, By Greg Brandner

Recycle or Die, By Dylan Norris

In this video I tell about the different places where the normal person finds a hard time to help recycle but they can still do their part.

Growing Old Is Mandatory, Growing Up Is Optional (Carl Grimes), By Devon Bruna

Carl Grimes is a young boy on AMC's hit television series "The Walking Dead". This video gives a short documentary on Carl's coming-of-age story and how he grows into a leader within his group of survivors during a zombie apocalypse.

Computer Science Integrating Technology for Disabled People By Collin Rofshus

New computer science research has been found to give back paraplegics and disabled people some functions of life back.

Should the NFL Get Rid of Kickoffs? By Chad Pelkofer

Is the fast paced action and entertainment of the NFL the most important aspect, or is it the health of each and every player?

Ubisoft and DRM the Controversy Continues, By Bryan Koch

This video is about Digital Rights Management and how Ubisoft has handled DRM in the past and now.

Sharing the Spirit, By Bryan Bush

A look at a classic Christmas tale and how it utilizes communication beyond words.

Showing Your True Colors, By Audrey Hupf

It is common today for young girls and even teens to be self-concious about their bodies. A majority of these girls wish they looked different, but Dove, with their commercial "True Colors", is trying to change the way girls look at themselves.

Child Soldiers, By Ashton Secker

The use of child soldiers is disgusting and inhuman, someone has to put a stop to it.

How to Overcome the Difficult College Transition, By Andrew Martin

College proves all the time to be a difficult transition. However, if you take advantage of these mentioned opportunities and get involved from the start, your college experience will be full of both memories with friends and opportunities for your future career.

Do All Dogs go to Heaven? By Alycia Pick

A quick summary and look into the 1989 Don Bluth film "All Dogs go to Heaven."

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Healthiest Meal of the Day, by Ryan McCutcheon

Get an inside look on Shakeology and discover how it goes above and beyond a regular protein shake!

Rugby, The Game They Play in Heaven, by Mitch Trestrail

A breif history and a basic introduction to the rules of Rugby Union.

Up Your Design, by Megan Pifer

Designing for your life? Make Unlimited Possibilities worth your time to better your life and designs while in school! This is a story how Megan did exactly that.

Faults of Advertising, By Eric Schwandt

As technology continues to grow, the effect of advertising will grow.  While there are many ways used to advertise, many are haulted at the most pertinent stage--broadcast.

IPV6 is Coming, by Devin Robertson

Video presentation regarding the state of the Internet as it transitions from IPv4 to IPv6 and what the transition means for the Internet.

Saving a Life, Hands-Only CPR, by Dana Hoff

Animation and Science, by Brian Hoaas

Is Runnng a Drug? by Amber Wiebenga

This video is about the positive effects of running. It will also explain how running will help your body from aging. Also will tell you more about how it helps your self estym and have a better outlook on life.

War on Used Games, by Gary Utecht

The sales of used games are now under attack by game companies. Will this lead to the end of used game sales?