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Sunday, May 1, 2011

E-Waste, by Christopher Johnson

E-waste, or electronic waste, is a growing problem that is affecting everyone. We may not notice the problem here because we are sending all our old and outed computer parts to thrid world countries. In these contries the working conditions to take apart the computers are far worse than you can ever imagine. This movie explores what e-waste is and why there is a problem.

Physical Education and Obesity, by Cole Whisenhut

Wardriving, by Kenneth Vostad

How to have your identity stolen while sitting on your couch. 

Changing Technology, by Andrew Van Denmark

The Day the Music Died, by Caleb Tollefson

Put A LIttle Dub in Your Step, by Dan Stephanich

dubstep--an exciting new kind of music taking the electonic music scene by storm.

Music Piracy, by Tyler Steele

Stop piracy before it destroys our music.

Energy Conservation in Schools, by Stacey Schuller

Schools across the United States are struggling in this time of financial need. However, there are many strategies they could use to conserve energy and save money.

Deforestation, by Josiah Schiller

Deforestation: The broad range of effects on plants, animals, and our world.

She Died From Obesity, by Laurie Reynolds

Childhood obesity is a serious problem. A stand needs to be made before these children don't wake up. 

Autotune, the Pain and the Struggle, by Logan LeCompte

This video goes over how autotune has been criticized by artists in the music industry and how autotune has become part of today’s pop culture.

Education Through Video Games, by Zachary Katcher

Take a look at educational video games and see how they can promote learning for young students.

Financial Advisors and Their Biggest Issue, by Pratik Gurung

The movie talks about the reason that caused mistrust among clients and financial advisor and that it has been the biggest issue for fiancial advisor for last few years.

Frisbee Golfing, by Julian Frietag

Tatau Samoa, by Niko Fonoti

What is Tatau Samoa, and the meaning behind the Tattoo.

Immigration Battle, by Chris Doberstein

Virtual Violence, by Beau Dicus

Video game violence and its effect on the youth and people

Digital Media Taking Over, by Alysia Derry-Chavez

Writers and publisers have to learn how to adapt with New Media and publishing online

The Closer, by Dan Crisler

This video examines the role and history of the closer in Major League Baseball and how it has changed the game.

Bridges: Are they Safe? by Joshua Caven

A look at the quality of bridges in the US

Athletic Trainers vs. Personal Trainers, by Candice Bucholz

This video tells some information on how athletic trainers and personal trainers are not the same job, but sometimes gets confused as the same.