Below you will find my students' video essays from Composition II at Dakota State University. I invite you to watch the videos that sound interesting and to comment on the ones you especially enjoy. You can use the search tool, you can see which are most popular by checking "Popular Posts," and you can click on the tags below each posting to see what similar posts there are to ones you like. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Healthiest Meal of the Day, by Ryan McCutcheon

Get an inside look on Shakeology and discover how it goes above and beyond a regular protein shake!

Rugby, The Game They Play in Heaven, by Mitch Trestrail

A breif history and a basic introduction to the rules of Rugby Union.

Up Your Design, by Megan Pifer

Designing for your life? Make Unlimited Possibilities worth your time to better your life and designs while in school! This is a story how Megan did exactly that.

Faults of Advertising, By Eric Schwandt

As technology continues to grow, the effect of advertising will grow.  While there are many ways used to advertise, many are haulted at the most pertinent stage--broadcast.

IPV6 is Coming, by Devin Robertson

Video presentation regarding the state of the Internet as it transitions from IPv4 to IPv6 and what the transition means for the Internet.

Saving a Life, Hands-Only CPR, by Dana Hoff

Animation and Science, by Brian Hoaas

Is Runnng a Drug? by Amber Wiebenga

This video is about the positive effects of running. It will also explain how running will help your body from aging. Also will tell you more about how it helps your self estym and have a better outlook on life.

War on Used Games, by Gary Utecht

The sales of used games are now under attack by game companies. Will this lead to the end of used game sales?