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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Music and Mental Health, by Joe Swanson

Music is used as a therapeutic tool for a variety of purposes, but studies have shown that listening to music can have negative effects on mental health as well.

It's Not Just a Job, by Alexis Schryvers

A job, full time or part time, can impact your life in different ways. The Every Citizen Counts Organization, Ecco, is just one of the many jobs that will teach you lessons that you can incorporate in your everyday life. 

NFL and Injuries, by Dalton Schneider

Evolution of Video Games, by Davis Schmidt

In this video it talks about the evolution of video games from their retro phase to modern ways. Touching on the main change that helped video games come back from its "dark ages."

Pretend Play Is Important For Young Children, by Tiffany Plummer

Even though children are able to gain many skills from pretend play, it is still disappearing from their lives. The skills that children can learn from pretend play are so beneficial to their development that parents and teachers need to help bring it back into their lives.

Pros and Cons of School Uniforms, by Christine Pinkleman

Many people wonder if school uniforms and dress codes are necessary. There are many pros and cons to adopting a dress code. Here are a few of the pros and cons.

My Life as an RA, by Lindsey Pate

Breast Cancer, by Stacy Ulwelling

Breast Cancer is something you don't see until it happens to someone you love and care about.

Music & You, by Vinh Nguyen

Learning how to play a musical instrument is a highly beneficial and rewarding activity that every college student should pick up. 

Smart Phones: The Modern Tractor, by Alexander Kramer

On the surface, tractors have little in common with modern cellular telephones, but in principle they share a deep connection. 

To the Game that Gave Me More than Trophies, by Mikaela Adams

Sports are something that can teach you a lifelong lessons, and place amazing people in your life. Take some time to watch how the game of softball impacted my life. It’s the game that gave me more than just a shelf full of trophies.

Origins of the Attack on Pearl Harbor by Nathan Sundberg

Many know that the United States entered World War 2 immediately after Imperial Japan brutally attacked Pearl Harbor, but why exactly did they attack us in the first place? What pushed them to pick a fight with a dominant, neutral global superpower?

Saturday, December 19, 2015

.The Season of Giving, by Trevor Nelson

Giving donations of not only money, but food and clothing are essential to creating a better world to live in. Even little amounts can make an outstanding impact on a less fortunate person’s life.

The Academy of Finance,by Sara Erickson

The Academy of Finance provides knowledge and opportunities for high school students to succeed in the business world. 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Origins of the Attack on Pearl Harbor, by Nathan Sundberg

Many know that the United States entered World War 2 immediately after Imperial Japan brutally attacked Pearl Harbor, but why exactly did they attack us in the first place? What pushed them to pick a fight with a dominant, neutral global superpower? 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Achievement Gap, by Keith Moe

This achievement gap between students of different backgrounds is a huge problem for our country. What can be done to fix this?

A quick view into Hacktivism and Cybercrime by Joseph Mehrer

This video discusses the Aaron Swartz story as well as what hacktivism and cybercrime are, and some action people doing these things might use to do them. 

National Student Exchange By: Mikayla Mattick

 National Student Exchange gives students the opportunity of a lifetime by allowing students to attend and study at any state college in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, and Canada

Hour of Code By Morgan Larson

The 'Hour of Code' is a program designed to help introduce coding to students in grades K-12. Since the program launched in 2013, over 100 million students have been reached in 180+ countries. With computer systems degrees being the top paying degree in the United States, supporting this growing field is essential to our countries continued growth. 

Painting Artworks for Gifts by Amanda Larson

Painting is an inexpensive and easy way to give gifts to family and friends.

Surviving Snow byKayla Janssen

We all love to build snowmen, snow forts, and have snow ball fights. But do you know how to survive snow?

Title: Lake Herman State Park, By: Tamosa Graves

Lake Herman State Park and the meaning it has to me. People bring their families to the State Park every year for parties, reunions, camping, and just day to day fishing and swimming. Everyone has their own perspective on this State Park, here is mine.

Why Companies Need to Encrypt Their Database by Hayden Dwire

Blurb: With more and more companies getting customer information stolen from them, what steps can be taken to limit the impact? Encrypting the database is one very simple, yet really effective way to put a roadblock into an cyber thief's workflow, requiring them to spend a large amount of time brute-forcing their way at the information that lines their pockets. While it probably won't stop someone from eventually seeing the information, hopefully it takes them long enough that they get caught first.

Roosevelt Island by Zach Brown

With its high energy, fast pace and huge skyscrapers, New York City is an easy place to get lost. If you can overcome this challenge, however, and find your way to Roosevelt Island, you'll be in for day filled with fun and awe as the mixture of nefarious history and modern leisure envelopes you.

Cats & Harnesses, Not an Exhibit by Tracy Booze

When dogs walk with owners, no one bats an eye, but put a cat on a leash and harness, and eyes are watching, judging both the owner and the cat for their actions. Each owner has their reasons for leashing a cat and taking them into the outside world.

New Technologies Waiting to be Attacked by: Breanna Adsit

How can a Barbie doll destroy your home network? Consumers and manufactures are learning that although new technologies found in the doll and other products are convenient, the lack of security being put into the product is causing some big problems.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How the Internet Works, by Christopher Wahl

The Internet is not some magical cloud in the sky that requires years of study to understand. Take the next three minutes to become a more informed user and find out how the internet works!

Star Wars: A Galaxy, Not So Far Away by: Matthew Thompson

In today's culture Star Wars is still very popular, but why is it? And what is the culture surrounding the series?

Oodles of Instant Noodle History By: Keegan Struble

 A sodium free serving of "ramen" history and instant noodle inventor, Momofuku Ando.

Masonry Furnaces By: Michael Kooiker

Super efficient heating is nothing new, the technology has been around for centuries.

Anything Is Possible, Play Dunkball! By Robert Johnson

Don't let anyone tell you, you can't do anything. Believe in yourself and go do it.

Fast and Furious by: Adam Hofer

Think you know your United States? Trust me you do not. I have almost facts that will blow your mind. Some are funny, some are sad, and others are just weird. These are coming fast so don’t get caught up thinking about one too long. Ready?

Web Attacks By: Wylie Harr

Are we being hacked right now? If we are, it could be coming from these most used and most successful web attacks: SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting. 

Is Your Network Secure? by Nathanael Clapp

Have you ever wanted to know how to keep hackers out of your digital information, but had no idea how to properly secure your network? It is an easy thing to do, but millions of people still do not take the time to configure these simple security settings.

Shovel Shenanigans by Daniel Burwitz

Have you even wanted more of a thrill then riding a ski or sledge? Try a shovel. It is possible to make it to 7.0 mph.

Not-So-Ordinary Summer Activities by Hannah Bauer

Whether you're a beginner, or a professional, tubing tricks are for you! All it takes is time, effort, and a lot of hard work to make them happen.