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Monday, December 9, 2013

Coping with Homesickness, by Peter Ktestakis-Malaga

There is sickness out there that is beyond all sicknesses. Anyone can catch it, at anytime, and not even know they have it! Could you have it?

Video Game Secret Sexism, by Ty K. Wilkins

Sexism in the career feild is one of the biggest problems day. One career maybe to sexist. Game design and games have always portrade women in the wrong way, but are they now trying to keep them out of the industry. Hear what a women going in to the industry has to say about what she has seen so far.

Bitcoin: The Money Revolution, by Michael Turbes

Bitcoins, just a fad or here to stay? Learn about the pros and cons of the new digital currency.

Common Core in Social Studies Classrooms, by Kayla Sveen

College Readiness involves twisting the new Common Core State Standards in Social Studies classrooms!

How Important is Sleep?, by Victoria Sopko

What is keeping teenagers up at night? Are those late night Facebook posts and texts causing a negative impact on their school performance? 

Cartoons are not always Cartoons!, by Kirsten Smith

Cartoons are for kids, right? Animated movies are for kids, right? 'Animation' means 'cartoon,' right? Discover how the American mainstream is oddly prejudiced toward animation, and we do not realize it.

Something in the Stars, by Logan Shroyer

Something in the Stars is a brief video expaining what astrology is and how to read your horiscope. It identifies the purpose of horiscopes and what zodiac sign you are based off your bithday.

The Sale Barn, by Eric Sheppard

Many people think that all types of cattle as cows and also just see them in the fields. however, there are many different types of cattle and a look behind the scenes before they go to the fields.

The Little Known Dog Breed, By Maggie Schultz

 For those who are always on their feet and would like to adopt a dog, here is an energetic dog that is sure to keep up.

Thor: The Dark Review, by Craig Sanden

A review of Thor: The Dark World by a comedic duo.

The Demon's Name Is Surveillance, by Jackson Ryan

 What happened to our right to privacy as American citizens? The government is monitoring practically anyone and everyone they can, and that includes U.S. citizens.

Duck Hunting, by Walker Ruhd

As food prices go up and up, some people turn to more natural food. Here’s  how to get a duck from the sky to the skillet, or even a flier to a fryer.

Cyber Apocalypse, by Zachary Retzer

Technology has grown to the point of helping build this country, but now it could ultimately be the downfall of us all when used against us.

Domestic Surveillance: How it's Relevant, by Devon Raabe

The Free to Play Scheme in Game Design, by Tyler Pokos

Is the evolving Free to Play system healthy or harmful for the future of the Game Design Industry? Find out here!

Plagiarism and Detection Software By Laura Otteson

Plagiarism has shown it’s ugly face in today’s society and is not anywhere near being fixed. Threats against plagiarism can only go so far. The statistics of people plagiarizing are astounding and will hopefully decrease with the use of plagiarism detection software called iThenticate and Turnitin. 

Bilingual Education Programs Work!, by Kortni Moser

Hola! Many individuals do not know about bilingual education program, and the advantages, There are many different advantages with having knowledge of these programs, and the skills that can be the outcome.

Where are the Women, by John Mauss

Sit back and look around you. How many men do you see? How many women do you see? It is probably close to a  50 - 50 male to female ratio. Now take that, and remove over 30 percent of those females and replace them with males. This is sadly what the IT industry currently looks like.

Unethical Business Behavior, by Christopher Loof

Unethical behavior by big-wigs of large companies believe they are going unnoticed, Think again!

Censorhip In Communist China, by Jared Lampe

 A look into the censorship of the people of China by their government.

The Hidden Ones, by Caleb Kainz

Who are these people most people don't know? What has happened to the ones who you don't see?

The Oversexualization of Women in Games, by Zachary Huber

There is a lot of stereotyping in modern games. This video is a synopsis of what the gaming industry has done with their characterizations of females in their games.

Basic, My Paint, by Shelby Heronimus

Fracking, by Clayton Hanzlik

58% of Americans have no idea what fracking is, and how this controversial enviromental issue can affect drinking water.

Computer Programming Offshoring, Adam Hanson

Concentration Issues, by Stacey Hansen

Have you ever been caught on your social media, surfing the web on news websites, or even playing games instead of paying attention in class? Technology is benefitial in numerous ways, but is also becomming a noticeable burden. 

Do You Need a Kick to the Head, by Nolan Hansen

John Deere & Farmsight, by Karlie Hammer

John Deere Company- the future of remote control farming

Government Surveillance And You, by Harrison Halma

The NSA has more hookups then the average American knows. Heres some interesting knowledge about who is watching over you.

A Better Way to Teach, by Kaylee Grayson

Why should teachers consider the differientiated instruction method?

Self-Promotion through Social Media - For Artist and You! by Galacia Barton

Evolving technologies offer people the ability to teach themselves all sort of skills... but why is learning to use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites so vital?

Adoption, the Better Option, by Heather Grayson

Getting your forever pal should be easy and fun, but buying dogs can be a stressful process and also very heartbreaking in the end. Here's why adoption is the better option.

The Endangerment of Sea Turtles, by Steven Gram

Will this prehistoric dinosaur continue to thrive, or vanish without a trace?

Computer Security, by Brandon Getting

In a world full of technology, are you secure?

Phishing, by Luke Gassman

Avoid being the catch of the day, by learning how to spot phishing attacks.

Christmas Break, by Siobhan Finck

Christmas break is just around the corner. The holiday season brings forth a variety of events and activities for everyone to enjoy!

How to Survive Black Friday Shopping, by Amanda Erickson

Black Friday is a crazy day the way it is, but without a plan it will definitely be a stressful day. Follow these simple steps and you will not believe how stress free Black Friday shopping can be! 

The Minnesota Vikings: Who's the Quarterback?, by Spencer Carlson

In a time in the NFL where an elite quarterback is needed to win championships, the Vikings are still searching for theirs. However, can their solution already be in the works?

Roll the Bones, by Zackary Beermann

 How would you like to enter into a fantastical world filled with heroes and monsters, from your kitchen table.